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Become an RCMP officer: How to apply

1. How to apply

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  1. Returning applicants

Congratulations on taking the first step to a rewarding career!

The RCMP is seeking motivated team players who are strong communicators, enjoy working with diverse communities, are physically fit and possess strong leadership abilities. All applicants must reflect the core values of the RCMP. These include: acting with integrity, showing respect, demonstrating compassion, taking responsibility, and serving with excellence.

The RCMP offers an exceptional career, letting you make a real difference in local communities and on the national and international stage. No other police force in Canada provides the levels of services and variety offered by the RCMP, as well as opportunities for continued learning and growth.

Returning applicants

If you applied to become a police officer of the RCMP in the past, you may be eligible to re-apply if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Your deferral period has passed. This deferral period would have been provided to you in your concluding letter. If no date was provided, you can re-apply 3 months from the date your file was concluded.
  2. You meet the RCMP's qualifications and requirements.
  3. You meet the vision and hearing standards and have obtained the 2 required medical assessments.

Failure to meet one of the above conditions could result in you being rejected from the recruitment process, and you will not be permitted to re-apply for an additional period of 6 months.

Once we receive your application, we will review it along with your previous application file. We will then contact you to advise you about your next steps.

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